Why use a repeater?

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Nöjda kunder
Our customers are really happy and satisfied after a repeater installation.

Poor coverage for mobile broadband and mobile telephony are growing problems as we constantly need to be connected and discoverable. Even though the operators' coverage maps indicate that they are within the coverage area, many premises and housing areas do not fully or partially lack mobile coverage.

Modern energy-efficient buildings create the biggest problems. It is because walls and ceilings are thick and consist of equipment that does not allow radio signals. Modern energy windows are as RF dense as a concrete wall, which means that many newly built modern homes completely lack mobile broadband and mobile coverage despite relative proximity to the operator's base station.

Other causes of poor coverage are a long distance from the base station or being in radio shadow. It doesn't have to be expensive with a smaller repeater installation. For smaller premises and housing approx. 4000-5000: - + VAT.

Smaller installations can easily be carried out yourself. We provide full instructions and full support during installation. If you want an installer to do the work, we have dealers and installers throughout the country who do a professional installation with guaranteed good results.

Another advantage of repeaters is that the radiation and SARS value are drastically reduced as well as longer battery life. It is easy to install a smaller repeater system yourself. See installation video from Stella Doradus on the left. Standards CE ETSI 3GPP RoHS. We work with professional installation companies throughout the country for 100% QOS. Phone: +46 660293540 VAT nr SE556648-102301